18 Sep 2013

Care or Lack thereof? Would ‘live’ figures in hospitals change anything?

In light of the recent report by the Health Select Committee suggesting that hospitals should be required to display live information on nursing staff levels, we wanted to ask you what you thought....

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Interview: The value of humanitarian aid, overcoming politics and prejudices to provide care that really matters.

Medicins San Frontières (MSF) is an independent, impartial, humanitarian aid organisation that was founded in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists who believed that every person, regardless of....

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Funny stuff

13 Sep 2013

Top Five Doctor Doctor Jokes

It's friday! And as it has been a tough week for the GP community, (we're looking at you Mr Hunt.) So, in the spirit of trying to cheer you up, here are Network Locum (now Lantum)’s five favorite....

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Melissa Morris, Other

11 Sep 2013

A Message From Our CEO

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Should there be a minimum rate for Locums?

Should there be a minimum rate for locums?

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Karl Kennedy, Funny stuff

06 Sep 2013

Top Five Fictional Doctors

Well, sort of. GPs do seem to be woefully under represented on screen. (Disagree? Tell us below)

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The Importance of Preparation and Evaluation

Network Locum (now Lantum) Guide for appraisals:

The importance of preparation and evaluation

By Dr Ishani Patel


There is a huge variety in the practices a GP locum may work in on a day to day....

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RCGP, roy lilley, NHS, Clinical

29 Aug 2013

The tweeters : our pick of health twitters

It's a truth universally acknowledged that any organisation with something to say, must in be want of a twitter.

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NHS in the news, NHS, Opinion

23 Aug 2013

Why we need to look after the heart of the NHS

GPs: at the heart and soul of the NHS.
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All about Osmosis

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