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18 Jul 2012

GP Locum conference: Worth giving up a day's work for?


  I arrived at the annual GP locum conference armed with my iPad, ready to meet all of London’s hard core locums.  So willing are these guys to come and learn more from Dr Richard Fieldhouse and others, that they gave up a whole day of locumming to attend. I had been promised great things by Dave Allen of GP magazine. I was excited to see what the locums would think of Network Locum (now Lantum), my new online platform for locums to find work. What an amazing response! Locums were queuing up to sign up on my iPad. They all loved the concept of Network locum and wanted to be a part of it. There were a number of talks including my friend Russell Vine from Ramsay Brown and Partners, who managed to make accounting far less dry than normal! And Dr Judith Harvey who did a great job of informing locums how to get work. Honestly, a great conference and worth every penny we spent exhibiting. A huge thank you to Emma Bower and her crew at GP magazine for organising such a great event and to Richard Fieldhouse for making sure the event was informative and educational. All you locums who didn’t go this year – definitely go next year!



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