10 Tips for GPs: How to maintain a healthy sleep cycle

For anyone working in the healthcare industry, sleep and rest is vital - especially for those who work directly with patients and give out medical advice. Lack of a good night’s rest can cause....

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Vedic Meditation: An easy way to reduce stress, improve sleep, and enhance brain function

It’s a great feeling to meet all the demands in your life with greater poise and skill. There is something so powerful in knowing that you have this little life tool you can roll out any time you....

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What is a Balint Group?

GP Ceri Dornan writes the first in a series on how a Balint Group can support you as a GP

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GP parent, GP Wellbeing

28 Sep 2016

How to be a GP Locum with Young Children

A juggler delights the child; he fills the working mum with admiration. Like him, she must have great poise and timing. And like him, she must deal with those extra pieces, keeping them in....

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Surina's January Digital Detox

Posting by Guest GP Columnist, Dr Surina Chibber

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