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31 Jul 2020

Free Rocketpay, extended for the rest of the year


2020 has been disruptive - to say the least. When we rolled out our next-day payment service, Rocketpay, for free, it was because we wanted to support our GP community. As they have dealt with the turbulence COVID-19 has caused, we knew we had to do something to help.

The NHS has adapted quickly, but for GPs, work still remains unsettled. That’s why, to help support them, we’re extending the free Rocketpay period until 31st December 2020.

How free Rocketpay has helped our GPs

“I wanted to thank Lantum for free Rocketpay. I really, really appreciate it.” 

“Free Rocketpay really helps during Covid. Practices took ages to pay, and it was a lot of work chasing invoices.”

"It is such a positive knowing I won't have to chase any payments and the stress is taken away, definitely sounds good!"

Since we introduced free Rocketpay in June, we’ve spoken to lots of GPs who have used Rocketpay to soften the upheaval COVID-19 has caused in their usual patterns of working.

During an otherwise chaotic time, many said it was reassuring to have some consistency with when they were paid - the next business day after they invoiced.

And for those who earned most of their income through locum work, Rocketpay provided peace of mind, knowing they would be able to access their payments. One less thing to worry about.

How does free Rocketpay work?

With Rocketpay, you get paid the next business day after you invoice for a session, so you can access your earnings faster. 

Any session you work through Lantum until the end of the year will have Rocketpay applied, for free. You don’t need to do anything to get free Rocketpay - you'll get it automatically.

Supporting GPs in this way - that’s what makes us really proud here at Lantum. The pandemic has caused a great deal of stress and worry, especially for the locum workforce. We’re glad we’re able to do something to help - and we’ll keep doing everything we can.

Got specific questions about Rocketpay? We’ve covered your most common questions in our Rocketpay support guide.



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