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10 May 2021

Transforming Dorset ICS with a total workforce management platform


The ambition of Our Dorset is for everyone to have the best possible health and care outcomes, living longer,  healthier and fulfilling lives. The vision is for everyone to have access to high-quality, joined up health and social care  in the region. To achieve this there is a need to enable new ways of working across the Integrated Care System,  developing the skills and expertise needed, whilst increasing the use of technology. An “off the shelf” product was  not what was needed, Our Dorset wanted a partner who can collaboratively identify, develop and evolve solutions. 

As a wave 1 ICS, one of the biggest challenges was how to mobilise the workforce across multiple organisations and  employers with different processes and practices, whilst minimising the barriers for individuals to work in this way  such as multiple, disconnected recruitment and on-boarding processes. Whilst visibility of workforce mobility was  relatively good across secondary and community care, there was a significant opportunity to increase the visibility in  primary care/general practice. 

Working together we needed to find a way to utilise the workforce more effectively across the system – increasing locum coverage, increasing shift fill rates, increasing the opportunities to work more flexibly and develop portfolio  careers and reducing barriers to working across geographical and organisational boundaries. 

Our Dorset Passport, powered by Lantum

Working together we have created a digital space that brings the work and the workforce together in one place, enabling the secure sharing of vital information and documentation:

  • Next-generation e-rostering across the CCG
    Our Dorset now build their rotas and advertise opportunities seamlessly online and fill staff gaps with Lantum’s smart-matching algorithm.

  • One collaborative staff bank for Integrated Urgent Care and primary care
    108 providers now have access to one shared staff pool, that includes clinical and non-clinical staff.

  • Centralised booking system
    One system to reduce duplication and match staff with shifts without the need for phone calls and emails.

  • Robust, always-on compliance
    Secure storing of compliance documents through staff profiles with the ability to set governance requirements and automated reminders for expiry.

Roll-out started in Primary Care, quickly expanded to include Integrated Urgent Care, with pilots involving the Voluntary sector and the Acute Trusts planned for the near future.

The results

High fill rates and strong take-up from day one have already brought stability to the Dorset workforce ecosystem.

  • 90% fill rate in the first month of operation
  • 100+ organisations onboarded
  • 350+ staff vetted and onboarded
  • Ability for staff to work across the system with streamlined processes and fewer barriers
  • Insight into the overall picture to support strategic workforce decision-making

"To meet our needs and deliver our vision, we recognised that simply buying an off the shelf product was not the way to go - we need a partner who can develop and evolve the technology, to keep pace with our evolving needs as we build a solution that is truly system-focused.

Our work started in the primary care sector and now involves working across the whole system, including community, acute providers and the voluntary sector. We’re excited to see how far we can take this partnership. The flexibility offered by the Our Dorset passport, powered by Lantum, supports our strategic workforce goal to retain, attract and recruit the best."

Karen Kirkham, Our Dorset Integrated Care System Clinical Lead




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