How Rugby Health Ltd launched Enhanced Access hubs with Lantum


In 2022/2023, Rugby Health Ltd was one of many organisations working out how to deliver and staff newly-mandated Enhanced Access services. 

A PCN made up of 12 GP practices, with 96 staff and 110,000 patients, they wanted to create multiple Enhanced Access hubs but didn’t have the infrastructure to support them. 

After turning to Lantum to enable four key capabilities, they are now running services beyond what they first imagined.


The challenge:

  1. Launch and staff multiple new hubs, with the agility to change skill mix from week to week. To react to patient needs, Rugby Health needed the flexibility to change staffing levels and skill mix on the go.

  2. Recruit a multi-disciplinary team of clinical and non-clinical staff. From GPs to receptionists, they needed a team that could work collaboratively across multiple sites.

  3. Create and fill rotas with complex shift types and patterns, including weekends and split shifts. The extra challenges of staffing Enhanced Access shifts, plus the complexity of multiple sites, meant they needed a single source of truth for everyone.

  4. Meet tight budgets and timeframes, and unite scattered rota and staff management tools. With too much time spent on admin, they need a tool to bring together paperwork, staffing and rotas for maximum efficiency.

The Lantum partnership

Returns on technology investments can take a long time to materialise. But with Lantum, Rugby Heath saw benefits from day one. 

Together, Lantum and Rugby Health developed a plan for their unique context, challenges and opportunities – covering everything from IR35 regulation to maximising skill mix flexibility. 

Then, once the first services were up and running, they grew them to cover more staff types and sites, even expanding to a new community centre hub. 

While Lantum continues to work closely with the Rugby Health team, they’re now empowered to respond to their population’s needs, confident that they can scale new services quickly and easily.


The results:

5 new sites launched and running smoothly

After successfully launching their first three Enhanced Access sites in 2022, Rugby Health expanded to five sites in 2023, seamlessly scaling the Lantum platform and their staff bank as needed. 

96 people ready to work in their staff bank
Rugby Health’s salaried and non-salaried multi-disciplinary staff are all united in the staff bank – including GPs, HCAs, receptionists, physios, dieticians and volunteers.

Governance documents, including clinical certifications and DBS checks, are stored on Lantum too, and staff have the flexibility to work when they want. 

99.5% of shifts filled successfully
Rugby Health can now get the right people, in the right place, at the right time. In March 2024, 100% of advertised shifts received at least one application, and 99.5% of sessions were filled. In total, they’ve scheduled and managed over 700 hours of work so far. 


A resilient workforce tackling health inequalities

Staff noticed a difference, whether it was because they could book into shifts easier or they were spending less time on admin. 

“Lantum reimagines how managing a healthcare workforce can, and should, be done,” said Gita Natarajan, Transformation Project Manager at Rugby Health. “For us, the main benefit has been reducing the administrative burden.”

From compliance documents to pensions paperwork, keeping multiple sites running and compliant with IR35 and CQC requirements was a massive challenge. With Lantum, that’s all changed. “Instead of being mired in all that work, we can now focus on delivering healthcare and addressing health inequalities.”


About Lantum

Lantum is an all-in-one workforce management platform used by 16 ICSs, 300+ PCNs and 1-in-2 GP practices to connect with their workforces. From scheduling rotas and filling gaps quickly to cutting down on admin time, it's one platform to manage your entire workforce. 

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About Lantum

Lantum is a workforce platform that uses technology to simplify all aspects of healthcare staffing.

Our easy-to-use tools empower healthcare organisations to fill their shifts and professionals to fill their diaries, without the need for agencies. And they dramatically reduce time spent on rostering admin, compliance, and invoice chasing.


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