11 Sep 2013

A Message From Our CEO



These are our updated binding values. They apply to ALL Locums and Practices who are signed up to Network Locum (now Lantum). We want to make sure that everyone is happy to follow these values and uphold transparency.

Our binding values

We have created an environment for GPs to meet and work for each other. We are very proud of it and want to make sure that as we grow we keep the strong values that
have allowed us to ensure thousands of patients receive a great standard of care.
We love our users, we wouldn't exist without them. The experience you have is created by the people who use it on a daily basis. You all agree to abide by our binding
values so that everyone has a good time using it.
Anyone agreeing to be a member must keep up the standards which we ask you all to abide by.

Network Locum (now Lantum) Locums

• Are punctual

• Are organised

• Are polite and respectful

• Remain at all times professional and keep confidentiality

• Are reflective and improve from feedback

• Honour their commitments

Network Locum (now Lantum) Practices

• Pay locums fairly and on time

• Are supportive

• Are polite and respectful

• Are honest about their expectations

• Honour their commitments

We have a team of clinicians who work to ensure our values are upheld. Their balanced recommendations are acted on appropriately. Should we feel that your behaviour is ruining the experience of others in the community we may suspend your account.

Melissa Morris


Network Locum (now Lantum)



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