Clarity on your NHS pension contributions


Dr Krishan Aggarwal Network Locum (now Lantum) GP Community Rep for Portfolio Careers, sheds some light on NHS pension contributions under Capita.

Dr Aggarwal is Deputy Chair of the Sessional General Practitioners Committee of the BMA.

1. Where can GPs find accurate information

NHS England has now updated the PCSE website, which has a GP locum section. This webpage includes where to send your forms - to the Darlington office.

2. Where and how should GPs send their pension contributions

BACS is the preferred and advised method for making all future pension contributions. Ensure that you follow the below rules to reference your BACS payment so that the money is easily identifiable to you:

  • SD number – your GP Pensions scheme number: 8 characters
  • LOCUM or SOLO – the form type the payment relates to: 3 characters
  • MONTH – the month the payment relates to: 3 characters
  • YEAR – the year the payment is for: 2 characters

LOCUM example = 12345678LOCFEB17
SOLO example = 12345678SOLFEB17

3. Uncashed contributions cheques will be honoured and back dated correctly

NHSE are helping PCSE to go through unallocated monies and trying to match them to Locum A and B forms. They say this will be completed by 31 March 2017.

For those that have paid by cheques and the cheques have expired, the cheques will be returned to the issuing bank. The GP will then need to resubmit (via cheque or BACS). NHSE have assured us these payments will be honoured and back dated correctly. There have been a few occasions where this has not occurred, and each case is being investigated individually.

4. Currently there is no mechanism of receipt of:

a. Locum A and B forms and payment

b. SOLO forms

c. Type 2 annual self-assessment form.

This is probably the biggest concern I hear from Sessional GPs.  It seems illogical that we pay money in to a pension scheme each month and do not receive any form of receipt that the correct amount has been entered for the correct month.

Considering the chaos that has occurred over the past year, we have advised Capita that members would need assurances that pension contributions have been added correctly to their pension record and to increase their confidence in Capita.

Moving forward we think this is an extremely important issue and we will continue to raise it.

5. Type 2 annual self-assessment form

a. Many sessionals are unaware of the requirement to complete these forms.

b. What happens to those that have not completed one?

NHSE have advised that members should receive reminder letters to complete these. I have stated that this does not occur and many sessionals are unaware of the requirement.

We have asked for an amnesty for those individuals who have not completed these forms as this is in the best interest for all of us.  In addition, we have offered two test cases to see the implications of not having completed these forms for the past six years!

Another one that I will keep you updated on!

There is more info here on the NHS Pensions webpage.

6. The ability to complete Locum A and B forms online 

Forms cannot yet be completed online but they can be scanned and emailed to stating LOCUM in the subject line of the email.  If individuals are using NHS mail they can send the forms with a delivery confirmation.

7. Performer's List 

The BMS has sought clarity from NHSE/Capita that the responsibility for you being able to work lies with your RO and not Capita.  If you have concerns about being on the Performer's List for work, contact your RO for confirmation in writing that they are on the Performer's List.

8. Capita Updates

There have been Capita updates that have been sent directly to practices, with little to no information for Sessionals.  The BMA has suggested that this update has a Sessional Section and advises practices to share it with their Sessional GPs.  We have also suggested that they improve their comms and create a separate update with the same information that can be communicated directly to Sessional GPs.

These notes come as a result of a meeting between the BMA and Capita.  Capita acknowledges the issues above, and have expressed that they are ready to work with us both now and in the future.  NHSE and Capita have agreed to have another meeting in due course.

7. If you need further information, simply contact BMA Support on 0300 123 1233 .



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