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13 Jun 2018

Richmond GP Alliance  - Hub rotas powered by Lantum


Richmond GP Alliance extended access Hub services were very popular amongst the GP community in Richmond, however, their management teams were suffering from the admin headaches of keeping the Hubs running.

We sat down with Nic Denny, Office Manager, to learn more about how RGPA implemented their extended access Hub services, and what they are doing to overcome administrative challenges.

The two main pain points they experience are:

1. Putting hub rotas together

The team were using Excel spreadsheets and back-and-forth emails with individual GPs to assemble their rotas each month. Shift allocation was time-consuming and inefficient, and the risk of double bookings and missed withdrawals were high.

2. Managing invoices and payments

GPs would send their individual invoices in for the separate shifts they’d worked in the month, and the team would have to make individual payments to keep on top of it.

The solution

From November 2016, the Richmond GP Alliance Hubs has used Lantum to manage the rotas for their extended hours hubs in the Richmond area. The Lantum platform addressed both pain points and more.

Here’s how:

1. Building the Hub GP bank

Lantum began by onboarding all GPs interested in working at the Hubs to form the online bank.

We created profiles, delivered training and made sure all clinical governance documents were up-to-date and stored digitally. There are currently 83 GPs within the bank.

2. Posting a rota in one step

Using the rota template provided, they were able to upload it to the site in one step. The GPs were then asked to apply for the sessions they wanted to work.

“Lantum has saved us significant admin time coordinating who’s applying for shifts and how we allocate them. Doing it all manually would take a couple of staff and nearly a whole day vs just allocating 1 hour in the morning to sort it on Lantum,” said Nic Denny, Office Manager.

3. See all applications on one screen

Now, instead of sorting through email after email to figure out which GP wanted to work which shift, the team has full visibility from one screen. This made the task of ensuring fair shift allocation far easier.

Fill rates have improved to 93%, with over 840 hours filled using the site and an average of 2.3 applications per job.

4. One simple payment

GPs were asked to create their invoices via the platform by a certain date. The platform then batched all invoices created in the month into one statement, and RGPA were able to make one BACS payment to ensure all GPs were paid accurately and on time.

How has Lantum made it easier to manage the hub services?

“Using Lantum has massively increased efficiency, in ease of identify who’s applying to what shifts, to booking people in, coordinating payments... the whole process is dead easy. The software is so intuitive it caters to all ages and backgrounds. It’s a good system and we’re pleased to be using it.”
Nic Denny, Office Manager, Richmond General Practice Alliance

“For any Federation teams embarking on building an Extended-hours Hub service, I would recommend getting Lantum involved from the beginning. Their platform is a smart digital solution capable of powering the delivery of a cost-effective and efficient Hub service.”
Grant Oliver,  IT Project Manager, RGPA and Richmond CCG



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