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Ask any highly successful individual or organisation and they will tell you that one of the reasons they are successful is that they know what they are about and they have a clear idea where it’s all going.  They will have goals, mission statements and a set of values.  

But can the same be said of most NHS GPs?  By the time we’ve shut down EMIS at 8pm, there isn’t always appetite to sit around in a circle with your colleagues trying to define what motivates us and what we really want?

Yet in the NHS, we often fail to articulate what it is we are about.  All too often, we focus on what we don’t want (over-work, over-regulation, defensive medicine).  We’re so busy that sometimes, as a professional group, we have little energy left towards creating a healthy, positive vision of our futures that we can all own and work towards.

Yet there are still some GPs who are creating their own versions of general practice as a great career, through portfolio work and setting their own goals and boundaries.  With this in mind, Network Locum (now Lantum) and its team of GPs have come up with a mission statement to define the purpose of the organisation and the vision we have general practice:

The mission

To empower and support GPs throughout their professional life cycle.

The values

Community, connectivity, empowerment and transparency

At Network Locum (now Lantum), we believe that GPs should prosper professionally rather than just coast through or at worst, burn out.

By creating an inclusive community for all GPs, whether trainee, locum, salaried, partner, portfolio, we can stand together to improve our experiences.

We hope our mission strikes a chord with you.

For questions relating to our community mission, please contact our team:

Jessica Hamilton, Head of GP Community

Dr Zoe Williams MBBS, DRCOG, MRCGP

Freelance sessional clinician; Mentor for Public Health England; Clinical Lead for Southwark CCG; Trustee & Board Member for National Obesity Forum; GP Community Champion for Network Locum (now Lantum), et al.

Dr Saffan Qureshi MBBS, DGM, MRCGP

Freelance sessional clinician in Tower Hamlets & Hackney, working in OOH and in-hours clinics; GP Community Champion for Network Locum (now Lantum), et al.

Dr Shubhanan Upadhyay MBBS, DTMH, MRCGP
Freelance sessional clinician in OOH; Clinician in Health Tech; Expedition Medicine; GP Community Champion for Network Locum (now Lantum), et al.



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