How to overcome vaccine hub challenges with responsive rostering


COVID-19 vaccination will present unique challenges for rota managers - whether it's ensuring an onsite GP, matching vaccinator supply with demand, or simply filling the number of hours needed.

In this quick video, Dr Ishani Patel explains how Lantum can help with more responsive rostering.

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Hello, my name is Ishani. I'm one of the founders of Lantum, and a GP in London.

I wanted to talk about some of the challenges for primary care networks who are launching their Covid-19 vaccination hubs.

I think there are some key things when it comes to rostering - not having a technology or a tool that simply rosters, but having something that allows true connectivity to the workforce; having a tool that is responsive and allows you to mobilise and redeploy people, as well as roster people and make changes in real-time without the arduous, repetitive tasks that can happen if you're managing a spreadsheet for rotas - or even live documents for rotas, or a rota tool.

Our product is supporting primary care networks and integrated care systems to allow transparency over the workforce, so you can make changes in real-time, swiftly and responsively, to improve messaging and connectivity to the workforce.

For example, ensuring you have a GP on site that can respond more quickly, ensure compliance, ensure that the NHS England directives for the SOPs and vaccine services are running smoothly and to support other colleagues clinicians and non-clinicians.

We also know that there are significant challenges with the storage of the vaccines so having a responsive rostering solution that is connected to the workforce means you can have the right staff on hand for what you need for the right time. And also with your hours that you're running, there will be flexibility: you'll be surging up or flexing down, depending on your vaccination supply and also how full your clinics are.

And so again, it's vital to have a tool that is able to be truly responsive, cater to your individual needs, tell you about potential holes or risks in the service and make sure that you're matching your demands with your vaccination and vaccinator supplies, as well as understanding all your healthcare professionals: your administrators, your marshals, your volunteers, your entire workforce who are going to be powering and sustaining your Covid vaccination services.

Get in touch with me if you want hear more. We've been working with some providers in stealth for some time with vaccinations trials and are now supporting primary care networks and ICSs with mass rollouts and and regional rollouts as well, so get in touch.

All the information is attached to this video. Take care and good luck with your vaccination hub service.

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