10 Jan 2019

How Richmond GP Alliance Increased their Fill Rate by 20% Using Lantum's Rota Tool


Richmond GP Alliance (RGPA) were the first to launch Lantum’s new rota tool in their Federation.

We spoke with Nic Denny, RGPA’s Office Manager, to talk about their experience of using the new Lantum rota tool and how their fill rate increased by almost 20%!

Life before Lantum Rota

Although RGPA and Lantum had been working together since November 2016, they previously only accessed the Lantum Marketplace - a pool of over 17,500 fully-vetted GPs.

Rota management was done in-house and was a very manual process. Done solely in Microsoft Excel, the process of creating and filling the rota was very time consuming. There was a lot of back-and-forth with staff to confirm availability and allocate shifts fairly. Hours were spent on recruiting staff to fill shift gaps each time a new rota was created.

Adopting the technology

“We’d had a good relationship with Lantum for some time, especially with our account manager, and trusted them so, when Lantum asked if we wanted to be the first user of their new rota, we said yes. We felt confident in their ability to deliver a rota tool that would make our lives easier.”

RGPA went through Lantum’s extensive implementation process to make sure adopting the new rota tool was a painless experience. Lantum’s Launch team visited the team at RGPA and ran training sessions on how it works and how to use it.

“The implementation process was fine. We found the tool very easy to understand and felt confident in using it after Lantum’s training.”

Life with Lantum Rota

“Managing our rota through Lantum has been great. The idea of going back to the manual process we had previously is not appealing - I don’t see another way of operation with Lantum’s rota tool now. It gives us more flexibility and control. And it saves a lot of time, so we’re happy.

“The rota is a really useful tool. It’s continually developing and evolving, and I like the direction it’s going in.”

We compared various factors before and after RGPA started using the rota to see what impact the rota tool has had since launch, including:

  • Average monthly hours filled
  • Average fill rate

image1Before using the rota tool, RGPA’s average number of hours filled each month was 1,051.

Since using the rota, this has increased to 1,250 hours - an increase of almost 20%.

image2-2Their average fill rate was approximately 70% before moving their rotas over to Lantum.

After, this increased to over 80%.

To learn more about Lantum and how our rota tool can save you time and improve your staff management, get in touch.




Harriet Davis

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