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26 Jun 2017

Everything you need to know about the launch of Lantum


Hopefully you’ve read our previous blogs about our exciting new plans. Well, the time to bid a very fond farewell to Network Locum (now Lantum) and pop the champagne corks for Lantum is almost upon us.

Here's a little heads up on the practical stuff. But before we get to that, just a quick reminder that nothing is changing in terms of bookings, payments, profiles or any other features you use to find sessional work – just carry on using the platform as normal.

What you need to know

    We’ll be launching on Tuesday 4th of July

     Our email addresses will end with

(but don’t worry, emails addressed will still reach us)

     We’ll be changing to Lantum on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

(we’ll do the change our end, you don’t need to do anything)

    You can contact us on the same number as always – 020 3771 8411

     We’re the same experienced team you know and trust, with a refined focus and new name.

What you need to do

     If you’ve bookmarked, delete it on Tuesday 4th of July and bookmark instead

(again, don’t worry, we’ll redirect all links to our new site)

That's all for now. We're looking forward to sharing this next chapter with you.



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Lantum is a workforce platform that uses technology to simplify all aspects of healthcare staffing.

Our easy-to-use tools empower healthcare organisations to fill their shifts and professionals to fill their diaries, without the need for agencies. And they dramatically reduce time spent on rostering admin, compliance, and invoice chasing.


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