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17 Jan 2014

Top 5: Our favourite health stories this week.


January, a month of good intentions, bad weather and new starts. And also bizarre stories in the health news. Here are our favourites this week.


1. Gout is back in fashion, with doctors reporting a 'soaring' rise in cases. Since the beginning of the 21st Century, the 'disease of Kings' is now afflicting one in every 40 people. This worrying new development can only lead Network Locum (now Lantum) to ponder what's next in the changing world of 'vintage diseases'? 

b7_gout Sexy sexy gout


2. Comedians are like psychopaths apparently, but anyone who's ever been forced to watch a Frankie Boyle DVD all the way through already knew this. 

Is this the face of a psychopath? Is this the face of a psychopath?



3. Scientists have answered the question no one was really asking, and figured out why we don't walk like crabs. Hopefully they'll work on curing the other type of crabs soon. (Network Locum (now Lantum) is only registering an interest for a friend, you understand)

Crab people. Tastes like crab; talks like people. Crab people. Tastes like crab; talks like people.



4. Sex makes you smarter, because we all needed more convincing to have sex, horrible, time wasting exercise that it is.

MENSA's latest recruits MENSA's latest recruits



5. And finally, a new and horrific trend has crossed the pond. We gave them The Beatles and One Direction, they give us the possibility of buying positive pregnancy tests from the internet to scare people. That's about as funny as having crabs (like Network Locum (now Lantum)'s friend.)

There are more creative ways to get revenge There are more creative ways to get revenge

Well that's all for this week, folks! We hope you've managed not to give into Failure Friday and that your shiny new gym membership is worth all that money!

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