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25 Oct 2013

Vintage nurses.


This week we were really excited to announce that Network Locum (now Lantum) has now started hosting jobs for nurses, as well as locum GPs. As such, we thought we'd have a look through the archives (read: Google) and see what nursing used to look like.

Here are a few of our favorites. For lots more have a look at our board on Pinterest.


There were myriad hat choices!

And long skirts!

Skirt length doesn't matter in football. (Or heel height).

Male nurses. Bow ties are cool.

'In the 1950s your doctor might have worn a button up full top version of scrubs (above), or worn a tie under a more jacket-type of medical uniform.'

First year medical students larking about.

Horse-drawn ambulance.

Winston Churchill gets a brooch.

Graduates 1944.

Accessorised with crochet.

This is, in fact an X-ray machine.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!



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