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01 Nov 2013

7 Dastardly Doctors and Nefarious Nurses


We were working in the office late one night, when our eyes beheld an awful sight...

Ok, so Halloween was yesterday, but that's besides the point, this week we at Network Locum (now Lantum).com want to talk about some dastardly doctors and nefarious nurses,(fictional, of course) who have cemented their places among popular culture's most chilling horrors and given a generation, (or three) a good dose of Iatrophobia.


Name: Doctor Frankenstein

Famous for: Making a monster

Perhaps the most famous on our list, Dr Frankenstein is man with plans. Though not strictly on the medical register, he takes the unique step of assembling a creature from various body parts and then brings it to life with lightning. The story has been re-iterated 100s of times, from Karloff to Benedict Cumberbatch, the enduring appeal of re-animation of a lifeless corpse has never abated.

Notable appearance(s): We particularly like Tim Curry as Dr Frank-n-furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not only can he make you a man (with blonde hair and a tan), he looks great in suspenders. 


Name: Dr Jekyll

Famous for: Making  a monster out of himself.

The "large, well-made, smooth-faced man of fifty with something of a stylish cast" who creates a potion to hide his split personality, with terrible results. Over the years Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde have turned up in many a tome, film appearances alone number 123.

Notable appearance(s): The Pagemaster, 1990's cartoon about a boy who sort of gets eaten by a library. Leonard Nimoy plays both of them.


Name: Dr Evil

Famous for: Doing that thing finger thing, really wanting sharks with laser beams in his lair.

Dr Evil is a true villain, in the vein of Dr No, Blowfeld and Maggie Thatcher. He lives in a hollowed out volcano and has a trapdoor that leads to a pool filled with sharks. Sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. Neat. However, the grey suited Belgian has a hapless nature, usually leading to public embarrassment or jail. His medical credentials include a spell at 'evil medical school' when he was 18.

Noteable appearance(s): Austin Powers trilogy, a memorable episode of Jerry Springer.


Name: Nurse Ratched

Famous for: Ruining Jack Nicolson's life, fabulous hair.

The cold, tyrannical Nurse Ratched has become a byword for the battleaxe Nurse, who rules the Oregan State Hospital. She meets her nemesis in Jack Nicolson's rabble-rousing Randal Murphy and the resulting power struggle is one of the most compelling films that is still discussed today.

Notable appearance(s): Played in the film adaptation of One flew over the Cuckoo's nest by Louise Fletcher, who then won an Oscar.


Name: Dr Hannibal Lecter

Famous for: Eating people

What more can you say about a psychiatrist that lovingly prepares gourmet meals out of his victims? Gross, mainly. Fun fact: Antony Hopkins said he based his performance on the personalities of Katherine Hepburn and evil space computer HAL from 2001:A Space Odessey.

Notable appearance(s): Silence of the Lambs et all. More recently played to perfection by Mads Mikelson in NBC's Hannibal. Watch if you can stomach it.


Name: (Former Paediatric) Nurse Annie Wilkes

Famous for: Really liking this one author's books so much she kidnaps him and makes him write a sequel or die.

In the the nail-bitingly tense Misery, Annie Wilkes plays out all her fantasies when she captures Paul, the blizzard stricken author of her favourite book series. With two broken legs and Ms Wilke's sanity on the out, things go from bad to worse. In short, her character is one of the most absolutely terrifying, as she psychologically and physically tortures Paul in her quest to make him resurrect her favourite character, Misery.

Notable appearance(s): Stephen King's original book, or the film, starring Kathy Bates in another Oscar winning turn.


Name: Dr Bunsen Honeydew P.H.D

An inventor, not a medical doctor, Dr Honeydew is the green, no-eyed Muppet scientist. After receiving his education at Carnegie Mellonhead University, he went on to feature on The Muppet Show with Kermit et al, where his 'experiments' often ended in crushing failure. In 2004 he and Beaker were voted Britain's favourite cinematic scientists in a BBC poll.

Famous for: Often maiming luckless assistant Beaker.

Notable appearance(s): As Dr Livesey (with Beaker as assistant) in the absolutely golden Muppet Treasure Island.

This is our list. What is yours? What are your Halloween film recommendations?



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