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18 Jul 2012

GP Locum conference: Worth giving up a day's work for?

  I arrived at the annual GP locum conference armed with my iPad, ready to meet all of London’s hard core locums.  So willing are these guys to come and learn more from Dr Richard Fieldhouse and....

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Will Lansley's reforms give rise to drug tourists?

As promised, although a little tardy I admit, I will discuss the next strand of the government’s proposal to remove practice boundaries: The threat of Medication Tourism.

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15 Jun 2012

Network Locum (now Lantum) CPD event - what people thought


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26 Apr 2012

Why the NHS desperately needs locums (clue: it’s not why you think)

Rachel Carrell the new CEO of Dr Thom tells us why Locums are a critical part of the NHS

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New and innovative ways need to be thought of to reduce GP referrals, and Locums should be central to the solution

In November 2011 a Southwark CCG proposed plans to ban’ locum referrals. Any of you reading the trade press or keep up with twitter that day would know that this caused a real stir in the GP....

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The biggest centralisation of the NHS so far?

Andrew Lansely has proposed a decentralisation of Britain’s most loved institution, placing the NHS commissioning budget in the hands of GP consortiums – devolving commissioning power to the....

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Andrew Lansley, Opinion

03 Jan 2012

Thoughts on the abolition of practice boundaries part 1 – Continuity of care

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16 Dec 2011

GP Locums as Clinical Commissioning Champions (CCC): Professional isolation or a chance to shine as leaders? (Part 2)

Part 2 (click here to read part 1)

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09 Dec 2011

GP Locums as Clinical Commissioning Champions (CCC): Professional isolation or a chance to shine as leaders? (Part 1)

Whether you like it or not, it’s inevitable that the new NHS landscape at the end of the 2012/13 will look and feel very different in that the new landscape would have transformed into one locally....

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